August 13, 2019
Hey Fam... We've got some news!

As you may have heard, the lease at our 8866 S Eastern Ave location expires at the end of August and we've been exploring our best options to keep growing Store702 going forward.  

We created Store702 to bring you Original Vegas Fan Gear... unique things you can't get anywhere else.  And in a world with $50 t-shirts and $300 jerseys... we always wanted to offer fans more affordable and unique options to wear their passion on their sleeves. Since day one, our goal was to deliver this to you with incredible customer service and the best shopping experience possible.

So after considering multiple new locations for a physical store... we've decided instead to bring this whole thing back to our "online" and "event" roots. 

THE KINDA SAD NEWS - Our store at 8866 S Eastern Ave will officially close for good on (or before) August 31. 

THE GOOD NEWS - We're clearing out all of our merchandise and EVERYTHING IN OUR STORE is currently 40% OFF!  T-shirts, sweatshirts, Lanyards, Scarves, Dog Jerseys, EVERYTHING!  Get it while it lasts. (Pro tip: You should stop in the store because not everything we have is shown on our website). And  at some point near the end August, we'll have a final final final clearance sale on EVERYTHING remaining in stock. (Shoot us an email if you're interested in our displays, fixtures, equipment, etc.) 

THE STUPENDOUSLY AWESOME GOOD NEWS - We're clearing everything out for a good reason. And it's because we're restarting from scratch!  After we close up shop in August... we're going to take a short breather (like... the month of September) and then launch an entirely NEW set of original designs and products for the 2019-20 season at  

BUT WAIT, THERE'S EVEN MORE AWESOME NEWS - Instead of just ONE store in Henderson... we decided it's probably better if we just bring the store TO YOU! When we launch our new designs in October, we'll also announce a full schedule of vendor events and popup sales all around Vegas.  We want to be "local" for everyone and make it more convenient for our customers to visit us at different locations around town every week.

So that's the plan.  In less than 2 years, we've gone from a cocktail napkin with a hand drawn "Flower Power" design to a business with thousands of customers, hundreds of products, five employees, and a handful of trusted business partners. We can't possibly thank you all of you enough for supporting us on this journey so far. We look forward to seeing you as we close up the store this month and all around town for years to come. 


Brittany (+ Rilee, Gunner, Karli, and Kelsey), Michelle, David, Tony, and Brad.

Thr 8/22 CLOSED
Fri 8/23 12:00p - 7:00p
Sat 8/24 12:00p - 5:00p
Sun 8/25 CLOSED
Mon 8/26 CLOSED
Tue 8/27 CLOSED
Wed 8/28 CLOSED
Thr 8/29 FINAL CLEARANCE SALE 12:00pm - 5:00p
Fri 8/30 FINAL CLEARANCE SALE 12:00pm - 5:00p
Sat 8/31 CLOSED